Happy Birthday Bastiat

The existence of persons and property preceded the ‘existence of the legislator’ and his function is only to guarantee their safety.

Claude Frédéric Bastiat was Born 30 June 1801 in Bayonne, France and died 24 December 1850 in Rome, Papal States

Read or listen to his “The Law” at https://mises.org/library/law

In the early days of the federalist republic the United States first adjusted, then flourished under American Federalism.  Though only given a brief trial, federalism’s embrace of liberty and responsibility gave birth to a new country’s ability to succeed. First embodied in theories debated globally; framers created and founders supported the U.S. Constitution and Bill…

In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I explain the original meaning of the General Welfare Clause. The federal government involves itself in nearly every aspect of American life. Government officials and apologists for governopoly often point the the Constitution’s General Welfare Clause for its justification. They argue that the clause empowers the general…

 When a prairie twister rips through the Sooner state, there is a process of assessing the damage in the hours after the storm. The same is true when a statewide election is held. Four noted incumbents were rejected in their primary elections. All of them were Republicans, but not all of them were consistent in promoting conservatism.   Senator Corey Brooks represents a very conservative district to the SW of OKC m […]

voted-images-2Congratulations to all the winners in the primary, grassroots really stepped up this cycle — I am so pleased with the way you ran your campaigns! You stuck to the issues and kept bringing it back to policy and less government every time. Praying for all that we would please Him above man and do things His way ‪#‎4life‬ ‪#‎4liberty‬ and yes for a lot ‪#‎lessgovernment‬ too!

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Election results here >>>

OKLP Chair, Tina Kelly, discusses party strategy with Robert Murphy and Dax Ewbank.   ​I will make some speculative conclusions and point out some thoughts for the Oklahoma Libertarian Party (OKLP) to consider.The vast majority of the voters in the LP primary were not Libertarians. Nearly 3000 voters cast ballots, this week. Only 800 registered Libertarians exist. Probably 80% of the ballots were cast by Independents.. That means the non-affiliated voters chose your nominee for you.&n […]