.      Monday night at the Democratic National Convention delegates on the floor spontaneously drove up the Twitter search of #HillaryRottenClinton. It soon spread out of the arena in Philadelphia and across the nation, reaching 42k in a matter of minutes and was ranked number six before Sanders’ supporters claim that Twitter had apparently […]

We encourage visitors to read the transcript from or listen to the audio of a brief statement from Pastor Bryan Clark of Lincoln Berean Church: “As I’m sure you’re aware, this is an election year. I’m sure you’re also aware that we are very divided as a nation. Our Pledge of Allegiance says that we […]

Real Clear Politics Banner  That Donald Trump would receive a bump in his polling, is not unexpected.  But CNN went further and ran 2 sets of polls; one with the 2 major candidatesanother with Libertarian & Green Party options.Trump’s 3 point lead becomes 5 points when Johnson is on the poll.  The surprising result shows that Libertarian candidate (& former Republican) Gov. Gary Johnson is actually helping Donald Trump by taking […]

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (July 25, 2016) – Last week, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a bill expanding the state’s medical marijuana law, further nullifying federal prohibition in practice. A trio of Democrats, Rep. Scott Slater, Rep. Patricia Serpa and Rep. Joseph Solomon, introduced House Bill 7142 (HB7142) in January. The legislation expands the state’s medical…

I love simple graphics that make a clear point. If you need more help figuring out what is in the piece where the two circles intersect, make two lists:

Things that matter
Things you can control (or at least think you can have some ability to impact)
Anything on both lists is something you should consider focusing on!

Of course if you want to add one more filter — seek the Lord on the matter and make sure it lines up with both His word and His leading in your life. That will help you hone in on the priorities for right now!

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – What You Should Focus On…

Last week I wrote of the impending new legislative leadership. These new leaders will take office in the House and Senate in November.The current state of legislative malaise has provided them with a tremendous opportunity – especially those in the Hou…

chalkboard with appleQUESTIONS:

If the OPE ‘Teacher Caucus’ endorsement list was based primarily on ‘personal recommendations’, what does that say about those candidates listed as Triangles – those opposed to public education?

How easy or hard is it to ascribe a philosophy to a candidate (against public education) when there is no voting record to review or specific criteria upon which this category is based?

If the issue is providing more money for public education, does it matter to which party a candidate belongs to meet those ends?

Is there more to governance of a state than public education?

What happens when elections become distilled down to single issues?

Should political parties have platforms that spell out specific ideals?

Should voters base their selections based on a group of specific ideals via a political party or which single issues mean most to them?

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