homeschooling-ropeJust yesterday, my article on homeschool co-ops was published in the Federalist (Homeschoolers Invent The Most Daring Ways To Educate Kids).  I hope you’ll read it if for no other reason than to check out my interview with Mrs. Sam Sorbo – wife of Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead) – and read her explain why homeschooling is the right choice for their family of five.

The article generated a very LARGE number of comments, most of which were supportive of homeschooling, yet one commenter simply could not possibly accept homeschooling as an overall viable alternative to public education and remarked continually to that effect.
I finally felt the need to jump in and thought it might be helpful to copy and paste one of his comments and my response here.  I hope you will read it in full and think critically on the words and I hope you will endeavor to take a look at schooling your own children at home – if you haven’t already!

Wolf Tracker in reply to Jenni White

Jenni- you and your friends are shilling for home schooling and spreading a completely unrealistic picture that does not include all the cons of homeschooling and reasons to not homeschool. That is very disingenuous and will lead to many people jumping in and then failing as most parent’s do not have the education and mastery of subjects and skill necessary to teach their own kids.

They also are not likely to have the income you and your friends do that can afford to stay at home to educate their kids. I made it clear in my post that home schooling can be successful for well educated parents and those with the income and time needed for that huge commitment but you are promoting this as if it is the best option for all people and that is not realistic or mature and as a former teacher you should know better.

Consider adding in the facts of how much homeschooling costs and what education parents should have and what skills it takes to be a good home school teacher and maybe your article would be credible.


Via Satellite recently spoke to Winston Beauchamp, a member of the Senior Executive Service, the deputy under secretary of the Air Force for space, and the director, principal DOD space advisor staff, the Pentagon, and Congressman Jim Bridenstine, who was elected in 2012 to represent Oklahoma’s First Congressional District. He serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Science, Space and Technology Committee, where he was selected to serve as Chairman of the House Environment Subcommittee.

Bridenstine believes the U.S. government is “moving in the right direction” in terms of taking advantage of commercial communications satellites, and commercial communications satellite providers. However, he thinks more can and should be done.

“There is a broad agreement inside the DOD that we need to take advantage of commercial communications. Some of the areas where we need improvement is including commercial communications satellite providers in the Analysis of Alternatives (AOA), and including them in the development of solutions for the next generation satellite architecture. We need frequency hopping or spread spectrum. We need encryption capabilities. These are all things that when we think about the next generation of commercial satellite architecture that can be utilized by the DOD, I think it would be appropriate for commercial satellite providers to be involved in that process on the front end, so it is not an afterthought where the U.S. government is coming in and saying we need capacity,” he says.

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common-core-croniesJoy Pullmann at the Federalist wrote a GREAT piece today on why Michelle Rhee should NOT be named as theSecretary of Education. I loved it so much, I’m doubling down on it.

No, neither Rhee nor anyone else of her ‘ilk’ should be appointed as head of DOE.

In case you don’t know – or are somehow new to education policy (or heck – just governance in the United States) – there is no middle ground. NONE. Yes, there is supposed to be a gradient of governance that tends to rest somewhere near the middle of the ideological spectrum (ideally) in EVERY area over our lives the government has usurped, yet – particularly in education – what you really have is this:

oklovesgmCity fathers spent millions to court General Motors to Oklahoma City   If there’s one thing that Oklahoma’s Republican and Democrat politicians have had a love affair with, it’s Crony Capitalism. When governments pragmatically pick winners and losers via the tax code or awarding of contracts, grants, and other preferential treatment; it inevitably leads to a bitter backlash from the small business sector and individual ta […]

marsha-blackburn  Rep Marsha Blackburn is urging Internet Service Providers to block access to any websites they deem ‘fake news’. the vice chair of the Donald Trump Transition Team declared that private businesses engaged in providing their customers access to the World Wide Web should also take more aggressive action to decide what their customers will see.​  Blackburn raised fears that the Russians or other hostile global enemies may be the source of the unorthodo […]


Trump tweet of the week: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag — if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail!” The Huffington Post reported that most people think President-elect The Donald goes too far. They think flag burners should keep their citizenship. However, they’re cool with

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