Mary Matalin, Former Bush Strategist, on Libertarian Party and Donald Trump

Mary Matalin

  The former strategist for Bush41, Mary Matalin, has announced her switch to the Libertarian Party. Matalin played a very key role in the 1992 Bush reelection campaign, opposite of Bill Clinton’s strategist, James Carville. Matalin and Carville married not long after the contest.

  She called out Trump for his “schoolboy antics”. Matalin warns that women will broadly reject the childish image of Trump if he doesn’t demonstrate more maturity.
  Anderson Cooper had confronted Trump to his face when Trump was on the CNN set for a town hall. “You’re behaving like a five year old!”, Cooper said. This was after Trump posted a “hot or not” comparison of Mrs. Cruz & Mrs. Trump, but using the worst photo of Heidi Cruz and the best modeling headshot of Melania Trump. Trump claimed; “They Started it!”; referring to a 3rd party  PAC  ad of Melania posing nude on the Trump private jet. 

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Convention OKGOPThe Rules Committee to the 2016 OKGOP State Convention met recently to adopt a special set of rules to govern the upcoming state convention on May 13th. These proposed rules will supercede the traditional ‘Roberts Rules of Order’. Any matter not covered by these special rules will default to Roberts Rules of Order. Many county GOP conventions use the default set of Roberts Rules of Order and the Rules of the OKGOP.

Of unique note is the recommendation to continue a straight ‘up or down’ vote on the State Executive Committee’s endorsed slate of candidates for national convention at-large delegates(25) & alternates(25) -BEFORE- accepting nominations from the floor. If the endorsed slate receives a majority approval, then no one else may be nominated. The endorsed slate is then the official delegation for at-large slots. This procedure was also used in the controversial 2012 state GOP convention.

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The group of GOP state platform committee members which met a couple weeks ago in Oklahoma City, compiled this short document as the proposed OKGOP state platform. It will be presented to the state convention delegates for adoption at the state convent…

Convention Generic The Oklahoma Republican Party’s Executive Committee met Saturday, April 30th, to interview applicants and select a slate of 50 at-large candidates for delegate & alternate to the 2016 National Republican Convention. These candidates for at-large delegates would be bound to specific presidential candidates proportionate to the results of our March 1st “Super Tuesday” primary.

Other candidates may be placed in nomination from the floor of the OKGOP State Convention, on May 13th, in Moore, OK. Each county Republican organization has selected their delegation at their County Convention.

[Editor’s note: If the proposed rules are passed which say that the slate will be voted on as a whole first and if it passes that NO nominations will be heard from the floor. If you cannot nominate from the floor this will result in another closure of opportunity for input from the grassroots within the Republican party. Anybody beside me getting the message here?/sc]

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House Republicans Select McCall, As Next Speaker

Speaker candidate, Rep. Charles McCall, of Atoka, OK

  In a unique campaign which took many turns over the last 6 months, the Oklahoma House of Representatives has taken a step toward naming a successor to Speaker Jeff Hickman, whose final term ends this year.
The majority party of Republicans met behind closed doors to select their nominee for the next speakership. The Democrats will also forward a name for next January’s formal election of House leadership.
  The final numbers are not published, but Rep. Earl Sears of Bartlesville is the other big name being touted. Rep. John Bennett of Stilwell was said to be combining his weight to that of Sears, but it was not enough. 
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Gov. Fallin Signs Four Criminal Justice Reform Bills

OKLAHOMA CITY — Governor Mary Fallin  signed four criminal justice reform bills on Wednesday; related to proposals she outlined in her State of the State address at the start of this year’s legislative session.

“These measures will preserve public safety while helping control prison costs and reduce incarceration rates,”
said Fallin. “According to all measures, Oklahoma has some of the highest incarceration rates in the country.

“Many of our inmates are non-violent offenders with drug abuse and alcohol problems who need treatment. This will pave the way for a wider use of drug courts and community sentencing as well as give judges and district attorneys more discretion in sentencing.”

Target Stores became the first big, high-profile retailer to announce a national policy, making all their restrooms co-gender. The new policy allows any individual to enter the restroom “he feels is most appropriate”.
The policy is being framed in pop…

Gov. Pence Joins Ted Cruz Indiana Effort

Just moments ago, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, joined the many voices in the Hoosier State who are rallying around presidential candidate, Ted Cruz.
   Gov. Pence made the announcement live on a popular Indiana talk radio show. Pence told listeners of the Greg Garrison show on WIBC radio;

” I will be voting for Ted Cruz, in the primary…. I’m a Reagan Conservative. I see Ted Cruz as a principled Reagan Conservative. I really admire the way Ted Cruz has stood up for the taxpayer.”