Senate President Defends ProLife Bill


Bingman Defends Nathan Dahm’s Pro-Life Bill

PicturePictureSenate President Brian Bingman – photo credit: CapitolBeatOK (Right)

Senator Nathan Dahm – Broken Arrow (Left)

As far as the abortion bill, Bingman said he is pro-life and that the bill’s passage was meant to be more than just a message, despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure in 1973.

“The Supreme Court shouldn’t be meddling in states’ rights affairs. It’s a constant battle,” he said. “The majority of Oklahomans are conservative and pro-life. That unborn child has rights, too. We want to do everything we can to protect that.”

Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed the bill Friday, saying it was unconstitutional.


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Sales Tax Waivers For Google Venders

Senator Clarke Jolley just pushed through an amendment to SB1282 which will exempt a Google vender from paying sales tax on paper purchased from out-of-state, for production.

At a time when citizens are being pressed to pay sales tax on items bought…

House Sustains Veto Of Vaccine Information Bill

vaccines_children_injectionLate this afternoon, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted to override the governor’s veto, but not by a sufficient 2/3 majority vote. As a result, the Oklahoma medical community and Oklahoma public schools can continue to force children to be immunized without telling them what is being injected into them.

HB 3016 Votes via

Featured on OKGrassroots – Sooner Politics Editorial – House Sustains Veto Of Vaccine Information Bill

The OKGOP Platform Debate


  There is a significant amount of debate about the OKGOP changing their platform from 25 pages, to a page & a half.

On Wednesday night State Chairman Pam Pollard hosted a conference call for those who had question about the process of producing the 2016 state platform committee report, and how the convention will conduct business regarding the platform and other issues.

​  The Convention Platform Committee was comprised in large part by Republicans from the OKC metro area. Only 21 people were present at the meeting. this committee is usually about 3 times as large. 

  Pollard is to be commended for accommodating this conference and we do expect there to be a number of people proposing a host of actions.

Here are the options being discussed:
  1. Adopt the new document as submitted by the Convention Platform Committee.
  2. Hear a Minority Report from a portion of the Platform Committee who will recommend a different platform, or propose convening a new platform committee, which would present a platform to the State Committee at a later date. If the Minority Report is not adopted, there will be parliamentary action on the Platform Committee Report.
  3. The proposed platform could then be subject to many amendments, attempts to table or a final vote to approve. If the platform is not adopted by the delegates,
  4. We will agree to leave the Current (2015) Platform in place as our most recent statement, until we start the whole process all over again next Winter..

Here is the current platform, adopted in April of 2015:

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[OKGrassroots Editorial Comment – What difference does it make to put ‘a platform’ in print if you don’t have any intention of following it and will blatantly give money and support to candidates who ignore the document? Is this document a matter of the heart or simply words on paper with no commitment to the intent?]

Oklahoma’s State Budget: That Nasty Issue We Want To Ignore

Aside from all the frivolous and nuisance legislation clogging up the legislative docket, there are some really big money matters which are being stalled until the waning days of the session.
  Clark Jolley is reporting on a few revenue adjustments which have passed through the Appropriations and Budget Committee.
  Members of House and Senate appropriations committees adopted a series of joint budget bills that would increase revenue, including:

  • an attempt to capture about $125 million from a cash-flow reserve fund, and
  • trim tax credits, including limiting a credit for clean-burning motor fuel equipment.
  • stepped-up enforcement of tax collections through more auditing and technology services.
  • a proposed cigarette tax that would generate an additional $180 million a year,
  • a price-indexed gasoline tax,
  • a tax on alcohol, and
  • a broad expansion of the state sales tax to some services that would help fund seniority-based teacher pay raises.

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Mike Cantrell OKi​Mike Cantrell shocks the Oklahoma Petroleum Industry by urging the legislature to end a corporate perk that the industry loves.

Mike Cantrell issued the following press release:

For 40 years I’ve been a vocal advocate for Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry. As the state’s largest industry I have always thought that what’s good for oil and gas is good for Oklahoma.

Today I depart from that belief.
The state of Oklahoma is in dire financial straits; in large part because the states oil and gas industry is in a depression, due to low prices.

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Former OK State Rep Gus Blackwell Faces Felony Embezzlement Charges

Gus Blackwell chaired 2013 OK State conventionBlackwell faces:

  • 8 felony counts of perjury,
  • 4 felony counts of making a false claim against the state,
  • 13 felony embezzlement counts and
  • 19 misdemeanor embezzlement counts.

Bail was set at $144,000.
  What adds to  this drama is that a very controversial Democrat prosecutor(David Prater) is pushing the case. Prater said; “We believe that there may be other lawmakers who have engaged in the same behavior, and I encourage them to self-report with the Ethics Commission in an attempt to mitigate their exposure,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said after filing the charge.

Read further at The Oklahoman.

Oklahoma Sets Up More Prisons, To Handle More Incarcerations

Prisons OklahomaThe state department of corrections just signed a long term deal to acquire the Sayre Oklahoma prison facility which had been a privately run prison.
  The Corrections Corporation of America sweetened the deal by offering the first 18 months rent free. Rather than overhauling the system to be less dependent on incarcerations to battle crime; the state seems to be ‘doubling down’ to accept an even larger percentage of our population spending long sentences inside prison walls.
  Rural lawmakers strongly objected to the plan, but their motivation was more centered around the loss of cheap prison labor to fix their county roads. The plan calls for taking money out of the rural prison labor program in order to pay the rent and operational costs at the North Fork facility in Sayre, OK.
​Read more about it at the Oklahoman.

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Reps. Watson & Wright Trying To Kill Constitutional Carry Bill

Cartoon on Kill Constitutional Carry BillThe NRA’s legislative Action service is reporting:

  •   Surprisingly, Representatives Weldon Watson and Harold Wright have actively come out against the legislation despite their previous votes of support and even Rep. Wright’s co-authorship.  These actions just go to show that some conferees would rather play political games than uphold their previous support of your fundamental right to self-defense.  Please contact Representative Weldon Watson at 405-557-7330 and Representative Harold Wright at 405-557-7325 and politely urge them to protect their constituents’ Second Amendment rights and not bow to pressure from gun control proponents.

Read the full report here>>>.

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Opinion: Won’t It Be Great When The Republicans Run Oklahoma?

Covered wagons SP

  Won’t it be great when the Republicans take over Oklahoma?  You know… the ones who call themselves ‘conservatives’, ‘small-government’, liberty-minded’, ‘constitutionalist’?
​  When they finally do take over:

  1. Taxes will go down and government will shrink!
  2. We will regain lost liberties and the nanny state will quit trying to manage our lives!
  3. The civil liberties and private property of the presumed innocent will not be threatened in the name of a drug war.
  4. Cops won’t build fake cell towers and lure our cell phones into sharing our private phone calls.
  5. We will take personal responsibility for what we swallow and inhale.
  6. Our children won’t be forced to have unidentified chemicals injected into their little bodies, under the guise of innoculations. 
  7. Our children will get a better education than we had (when the Democrats ran the state).
  8. The jails will cost us less money.
  9. We won’t kowtow to federal mandates to overhaul our drivers licenses, control our speed limits, and blood-alcohol levels.
  10. We’ll quit running state-owned businesses which compete directly with private sector enterprises.
  11. And the state will focus upon constitutionally-mandates duties, leaving other matters to local government, or to the people.

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