Here’s my post-election prediction: the left will suddenly become very interested in limiting the power of the federal government. Expansive executive power was great when their guy was in charge. But in a few months, Donald J. Trump inherits all of that unconstitutional presidential authority. For years, I’ve preached the danger of ignoring Constitutional limits just…

ok-supreme-courtOn November 8th, two of the nine State Supreme Court Justices will be on our ballot for retention. I strongly encourage my fellow Oklahomans to stand for the right to life of Oklahoma’s unborn children and VOTE NO for the retention of Douglas L. Combs, and James R. Winchester to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

I was just about to treat myself to a little R&R last Friday when — wouldn’t you know it? — I received an email message from the Brookings Institution’s Hutchins Center. The message alerted me to a new Brookings Paper by former Minneapolis Fed President Narayana Kocherlakota….

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(The Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives has recently launched a new program, in cooperation with our colleagues in Cato’s Center for Constitutional Studies, aimed at influencing policy through the legal system. The program, led by Thaya Brook Knight, strategically files amicus briefs in cases throughout the…

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Under Dodd-Frank, the new Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) has the authority to designate companies as “systemically important financial institutions” or “SIFIs.” By identifying and branding these companies as systemically important, we’ve been told, the government will end “too big to fail.” Dodd-Frank’s supporters claim bailouts like…

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McLaughlin Group  For nearly 40 years, John McLaughlin never missed a weekly installment of his beltway punditry show, “the McLaughlin Group”, on PBS stations. John missed his broadcast for the first time, last weekend. He died today.John McLaughlinTelevision PersonalityJohn McLaughlin was an American television personality and political commentator. He created, produced, and hosted the political commentary series The McLaughlin Group. WikipediaBorn: March 29, 1927, Providence, RIDied:& […]