All day, today; the Oklahoma Election Board has been conducting hearings and casting votes on  the petitions filed last week. Over 400 candidates filed for state elections. About 20 candidacies have been contested for various reasons.
  Everything from residency and registration requirements, to alleged past criminal history are being litigated.
  Watch the proceedings live at :
Libertarians May Still Go To Court For More Ballot Access

The Libertarian voters in Oklahoma will have a reason to go to the primary election polls, this June. they have 2 candidates vying for the party nomination in the US Senate race. Dax Ewbank and Robert Murphy are both seeking the nod of their fellow Libertarians.
​  But beyond that, there are several candidates seeking a general election win in 2 congressional seats, and several legislative races.

Tina Kelly at Libertarian Convention 2016

Gov. Gary Johnson Wins Straw Poll

  Several dozen Libertarian delegates gathered today at the Wes Watkins Center, on the campus of Oklahoma State University; to hold their biennial state party convention.
  This is a big year for the upstart party. they just achieved ballot access for the remainder of the  calendar year.
Several candidates will be on the ballots for legislative and statewide races.
  If they achieve a threshold of support for their presidential nominee, the party will remain on the ballot for an additional 2 years.
  The legislature plans to set that threshold at 2.5% (in keeping with the norms of other states).
 Tina Kelly of Oklahoma City received very strong support to head the Oklahoma Libertarian party for the next 2 years.
  Her team will be very busy presenting the party vision and core beliefs in the weeks and moths to come.
  Chairman Kelly explains that effective party leadership needs to take advantage of new forums of interaction and more efficient uses of social media to get organizing done and get campaigns mobilized. She says old fashioned meetings are often a waste of time, when organizing campaign efforts.

New State Chairman of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, Tina Kelly.
  One party source said; “Tina Kelly has worked tirelessly to bolster the party registration and certification as a recognized party, in 2016.”

  The Oklahoma State Election Board reports that at least 21 political races are going to be challenged on legal grounds, before the state election board. Some could result in court litigation, even before the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

  Hearing on these candidacies will be held next Monday, April 25th.
  Most disputes center around voter registration and residency requirements.

  You can download the state election board documents, here, or here

Cruz vs Hannity

“Sean, the only people asking this question are the hardcore Donald Trump supporters…” Cruz said chuckling, causing Hannity to barge in and literally explode in anger. 
  Politistick reports that Hannity had a meltdown moment while Ted Cruz was answering questions on the Hannity Radio show, this afternoon.

Former Oklahoma Director for Americans For Prosperity, Stuart Jolly, has suddenly quit the Trump Campaign in protest. Stuart was elevated from regional to national field director, after the Super Tuesday contests. Now, he may be coming home.

  ​The filing period for city of Tulsa elected offices ended last week.

Four incumbents  —  City Councilors:

  • Karen Gilbert
  • Anna America 
  • Phil Lakin
  • Auditor Cathy Criswell  

  – will be unopposed in the Nov. 8 general election.

Here is the official list of candidates from the Tulsa County Election Board.


  • Dewey Bartlett (I) Age: 69
  • City Councilor G.T. Bynum Age: 38 Occupation: Federal govt relations consultant, Capitol Ventures
  • Lawrence Kirkpatrick Age: 70 Occupation: N/A
  • Paul Tay Age: 53 Occupation: N/A
  • Tom McCay Age: 54 Occupation: N/A


District 1

  • Jack Henderson (I) Age: 65 Occupation: Retired, AT&T
  • Vanessa Hall-Harper Age: 44 Occupation: Child health and policy manager, Tulsa Health Department

District 2

  • Jeannie Cue (I) Age: 62 Occupation: Retired nurse
  • Aaron Bisogno  Age: 29  Occupation: N/A

District 3

  • David Patrick (I)  Age: 64  Occupation: Owner, Patrick’s Auto Service
  • Jim Rice  Age: 61 Occupation: N/A
District 4
  • Blake Ewing (I)  Age: 37  Occupation: Business owner
  • Sam Walker  Age: 24  Occupation: N/A
  • Michael Haskins  Age: 27  Occupation: N/A
  • Josh Starks  Age: 39  Occupation: N/A

District 5

  • Karen Gilbert (I)  Age: 47  Occupation: Parent facilitator, Wright Elementary School

District 6

  • Connie Dodson (I)  Age: 48  Occupation: Photographer, owner of Connie Palmer Photography.
  • Skip Steele  Age: 66  Occupation: Owner, All Hours Computer Service (former city councilor)
  • Allen Branch  Age: 33  Occupation: N/A

District 7

  • Anna America (I)  Age: 52  Occupation: City Councilor

District 8

  • Phil Lakin (I)  Age: 48  Occupation: CEO of the Tulsa Community Foundation

District 9 (Open seat)

  • Ben Kimbro  Age: 43  Occupation: N/A
  • Eric McCray  Age: 35  Occupation: N/A


  • Cathy Criswell (I)  Age: 61