The insider book about Trump and Clinton and the war with the media


This is the inside account of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. From Trump Tower to Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane. The story you can’t find on YouTube. . – On the campaign plane with Clinton, certain of victory, popping champagne. – Bushes and Clinton’s […]


Four grueling years ago,  the Wall Street-funded  2-Party duopoly imposed a horrible choice upon the American people:

The moderate Mitt ROMNEY,  Vulture Capitalist,  vs.  Barry Soetoro-Obama,  the flashy subversive Socialist, a closet Muslim (and who knows what else).

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Battle for Oklahoma – Santorum Team Sells Out



Battle for Oklahoma – Santorum Team Sells Out
Rick Santorum is a pro-Life. Mitt Romney is sometimes. Rick Santorum is a social
conservative. Mitt Romney is also, sometimes. Rick Santorum wants to repeal
Obamacare. Mitt Romney does too (although he created Romneycare – never mind!).
Ron Paul
has always been conservative. He has been a Republican Congressman for 24 years
(which means he is not a member of the Libertarian Party). I don’t know where “
recreational drug use, decimate obscenity laws, and sanction prostitution”
comes from, but I do know that we have some drunken political whores running
our government, and it’s time for them to go – in both parties. Oh, and Ron
Paul is the guy who stands for the right of Israel to determine her own future,
and the location of her Capitol, without the interference of our government. He
is also the guy who opposes the UN and globalism…
Civility means abiding by the Rules.
We plan to – I certainly hope others do, although that would be a change from
recent Conventions (Maine? Nevada? Colorado? Missouri? Never mind – nothing to
see here..)
For your enjoyment, an email sent to me by a friend.
Protect The 10th Amendment Moneybomb

The founders mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor when they signed the Declaration of Independence in their fight for liberty and to protect their God-given rights. Our goal in this campaign is similar: we are fighting to serve the people and protect our individual rights and the powers reserved to the states in the tenth amendment.

Over the next three days we have set the goal of raising $10,000 to help boost our campaign to victory and elect a … more

Social Media

Social Media is becoming an ever increasing part of people’s lives. It has become the new norm and is a great way to help spread the word about important issues and topics. One way that you can help spread the word about our campaign is through the world of social media; and it is something you can do to help whether you live in District 33 or not. Here are just a few things you can do to help us spread the word about our … more

Fundraiser Reception for Charles Key for Oklahoma County Court Clerk – Nov 29th

Please join Oklahoma House Speaker Designee, T. W. Shannon,

for a fundraiser reception for Rep Charles Key.

This event will kick off his campaign for Oklahoma County Court Clerk.

Tuesday – November 29, 2011

5:30 PM to 7 PM

H & H Gun Range (400 S Vermont Ave #110)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108