Maybe President Trump will un-cancel his meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, like he did his meeting with the Pyongyang Tyrant. It all had something to do with taking a knee during the National Anthem. Even though no Eagles took a knee. Eagles Rodman…


Before game three of the NBA final series against Golden State, Number 23 noticed old Number 32 in the stands. LeBron James trotted over and bowed to Jim Brown. Brown was pleased. He called the salute, “one of my greatest sports moments.” One of his other great moments was The NFL Championship in 1964. It was Cleveland’s last major sports

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Sports Mascots Under Attack

Perhaps nowhere are politically correct mandates met with more opposition than in the arena of sports. Whether it’s a professional franchise, a college alma mater, or the local high school; the language police are insisting that there is racism, bigotry, worse yet, INSENSITIVITY!  But sometimes their protestations reveal more about their own prejudices than about the hearts and passions of the players on the teams. &nb […]

Really, St. Louis? Dodgers vs. Cards is now about class warfare?

Gimmie a break From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: @drewmagary @T_Rav_W I hope the Cards lose so badly their last two World Series trophies explode. — FEARED Dent (@forddent) October 11, 2013 Me too. UPDATE: Some good people live there, so it’s not about the city. I’m not sure, but I don’t think St. Louis ever […]

We've watched the Michael Vick story unfold with some fascination. It tends to confirm what we think about sports reporters in general, that they exaggerate every single wrongheaded characteristic of mainstream reporters. This stands to reason afte…

Notre Dame’s new football coach, Brian Kelly, has a thankless job this coming season.  If he turns the program around and has a winning year it will not inspire much more than a yawn from some of the fans.  They have seen it before. Bob Davie chalked up a 7-6 winning season his first year […]

Okay, sports fans, here is something you will never read in The Blue and Gold.  Not because it hasn’t crossed their minds but rather because they need ongoing access to the players and coaches and I don’t.  They can’t afford to offend the administration.  I can.  You can thank Al Gore that this discussion can […]

A new coach for Notre Dame. Charlie Weis did so many things right that it took us a long time to figure out it wasn’t a fit.  He gave us great anecdotes to add to the legends, like the dying boy who called the opening play of his coaching career, “pass right.”  And he corrected […]