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OKGrassroots Sample Resolutions for Precinct Meetings — Debate and Educate!

Oklahoma Grassroots will have an opportunity to impact the precinct meetings occurring all over the state in late early February with the stated Republican party date being February 6th. Many have complained about parties, but the only way to impact them is by participating. Can it truly be said that large numbers of people of principle have participated over a sustained period, starting at the precinct level? You have to attend to participate, or at least that is the best way to do so!

Homeschooling is a right enjoyed by parents and students alike, and one which has produced better results than the government-run institutions.   One Oklahoma legislator wants to change that. State Senator Jim Wilson (D-SD 3) has authored SB 393 and SB 394, both targeting one of the least regulated and most successful institutions in Oklahoma – […]

Happy National TSA Opt Out Day!
Via Gizmodo: According to tweeting travelers, many backscatter and millimeter-wave AIT scanning machines at airports are not in use at all, making opting out impossible. We’ve asked DHS/TSA for comment, but you can help…

People Voting With Their Feet: Leaving High Tax, Union States

As data is being analyzed from the 2010 Census, it is becoming clear that people are voting with their feet, opting to leave high tax states. Migration from the high tax to low tax states is resulting in shifts within Congress, as The Washington Examiner article, below, reports. Nebraskans might find it interesting to note […]