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Front Page Category 2010 #3

Standing For Liberty Tulsa November 3 This past Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the “Standing For Liberty” event in Tulsa and then that evening a fundraising dinner for Liberty candidates.  The headline speaker was Oliver North the former marine and Reagan Administration official famous for the Iran-Contra ‘scandal’. First I have to […]

OK-SAFE Resources Available and Research Links — Bookmark this Page!

OK-SAFE seeks to advance and defend the American principles of sovereignty and free enterprise through Public education, Issue advocacy and Governmental lobbying and is actively addressing the following areas of concern:

1. The continued expansion of “big-government” via a rising global, technocratic surveillance system
2. The undermining of the American free enterprise system
3. Liberty-killing legislative policies in Oklahoma
4. The political agenda known as sustainable development, including New Urbanism and Smart Growth plans and the adoption of the SmartCode, which lead to the confiscation of property and the densification of Oklahoma cities and towns. This is a compilation of OK-SAFE Resources Available and Research Links. Please Bookmark and Share this Page of Information with friends!