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Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Are you feeling a little nervous about your precinct meeting? Not quite sure what to expect? Ryan Underwood will be leading a mock precinct election at HQ. Whether you have no idea what the process is, or are just …

NU Domestic Partner Benefits: Trying To Keep Up With The (Immoral) Joneses

753px-Gustave_Doré_-_Dante_Alighieri_-_Inferno_-_Plate_22_Canto_VII_-_Hoarders_and_WastersThanks to Nancy Carr and Reverend Shannon Chestnut for bringing this issue to my attention. I have been a little pre-Occupy-ed lately.

Nebraska’s Board of Regents is apparently poised to approve a provision that would extend the University systems’ employee benefits to same sex and unmarried cohabiting partners. Reportedly, the rationale for extending those benefits is to ensure that Nebraska’s “institutions of higher learning” —– YES I use that term VERY loosely —– remain competitive with peers in the ivory towers of the upper crust elites known as universities and colleges. The pressure to be competitive, I now read, has increased since Nebraska became a member of the Big Ten.

Geez. Making football the center of a state’s universe actually has consequences, huh?

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Ron Paul the Gold Standard of Presidential Politics at Reagan Dinner in Iowa on Nov 4th

Rand Paul introduces his father from long distance for this important dinner in Iowa. Ron Paul’s remarks include a few personal experiences with Ronald Reagan and a little insight into the gold standard, economic policy, foreign policy, and a strong national defense. He has recommended $1 Trillion in the first year of his presidency and eliminate 5 departments including the department of education. Enjoy his refreshing comments amidst a very friendly crowd at this important dinner November 4th.

R3s: Black This Out IS the Tipping Point

Black This Out is the tipping point of a political revolution. It is the artistic and cultural angle that this movement has been missing.

Political arguments are ignored by most people. Society is inundated with other kinds of entertainment and artistic movements. Most of American culture pays attention to movies, celebrities, and music. Continue reading

Our August 10th meeting will feature State Representative Charles Key, District 90. Representative Key has been a staunch defender of life and liberty throughout his term and one of the state legislators that endorsed Ron Paul for President in the 2008 campaign and is supporting him for his 2012 campaign. He has sponsored and authored bills in support of gun rights, the right to life, states rights, individual privacy, and limited government. Please join us August 10th and hear from one of Oklahoma’s most conservative legislators and meet some wonderful people in Tulsa County. I hope to see you there! You can find out more about Representative Charles Key from his website

Rand Paul: Remarks to Senate on 'Patriot' Act Extension

Rand Paul to Senate: There’s been a lot of discussion of the PATRIOT Act, and we’re told basically we wouldn’t be able to capture these terrorists if we didn’t give up some of our liberties; if we didn’t give up some of the Fourth Amendment and allow it to be easier for the police to come into our homes.

Radiation Plume Forecast Function of Wind and Weather from Japan Earthquake Aftermath

See a hypothetical drift of the plume from Japan Earthquake aftermath at Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

[This is] A forecast by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization shows how weather patterns this week might disperse radiation from a continuous source in Fukushima, Japan. The forecast does not show actual levels of radiation, but it does allow the organization to estimate when different monitoring stations, marked with small dots, might be able to detect extremely low levels of radiation. Health and nuclear experts emphasize that any plume will be diluted as it travels and, at worst, would have extremely minor health consequences in the United States