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GOA: Things to Celebrate This Thanksgiving

“My fellow Americans, let us keep this Thanksgiving Day sacred. Let us thank God for the bounty and goodness of our nation. And as a measure of our gratitude, let us rededicate ourselves to the preservation of this: the land of the free and the home…

OKSAFE: Neurosurgeon’s Call to Levin show – HHS refers to People Over 70 as “Units”

On Tuesday, November 22, 2011 a neurosurgeon named “Jeff” called in to the Mark Levin radio show , and said he had just returned from a seminar in Washington, D.C. where a group of surgeons were reading over what the Obama administration’s plans would be for those over 70 who needed advanced neurosurgery. Basically, the […]

OK-SAFE: ROPE Blog – Reject the Race to the Top Money

Many of OK-SAFE’s founders have long held that today’s public education system is really about behavior modification and not about instilling knowledge or producing well-educated individuals.  Many of us have advocated for the removal of our children, particularly those who are Christian, from the public education propaganda machinery, and have instead advocated for homeschooling or, […]

R3s: Eye Candy – 2011 Ron Paul Straw Poll Results Thus Far

Special thanks to Miss Annie via Ron Paul Forums who says, “I think we can use a little bit of a reminder of how good things REALLY are going, in spite of the all of the medias efforts to black things out! Here are some straw poll results, tell me this doesn’t make ya smile!”

Bytestyle: Highlights of 11/22 GOP Presidential Debate, Featuring Dr. Ron Paul

Bytestyle: Highlights of 11/22 GOP Presidential Debate, Featuring Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul highlight reel from tonight’s GOP presidential debate on CNN:
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