December 15, 2012

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Join us at the Bixby Christmas parade in the State Senator Nathan Dahm float! Our float is “George Washington crossing the Delaware” so we need people to ride in the float as colonial soldiers and walk along side t… more

“As if federal citizenship-based taxation wasn’t bad enough, on the recently updated website of the Virginia Department of Taxation, we see a blatant attempt to scare people born in Virginia into paying taxes they don’t owe, by reiterating the falsehood that an American citizen by definition must be domiciled in one of the fifty states — since of course as we all know, no one ever checks out from the Greatest Country on Earth™ besides a few rich ingrates fleeing the estate tax. My advice? Stay as far away from Virginia as possible. And I thought California was bad …” Continue reading

“Bank stability remains a pressing concern for the world’s corporations and investors. It is within this context that Global Finance announces its 21st Annual Ranking of the World’s 50 Safest Banks. Canadian banks are the best performing in North America with seven banks in the top 50 compared to five from United States. Banks from Singapore are the strongest in Asia and from Chile in Latin America. Credit ratings and rankings of most European banks have suffered except for those at the very top of the list which have explicit guarantees from AAA rated governments.” Continue reading

Political Risk – The “Kill Switch” On Your Bank Account

“If you do anything the authorities don’t like – whether it’s speaking out against corruption, not filing your taxes correctly, having a Ron Paul bumper sticker, peacefully ingesting a non-approved substance, or just generally not being an obedient serf – you could find out the hard way that most governments are all too eager to exercise the “kill switch” that they hold over the assets within their reach. You could find your business or bank account shut down with the flip of a switch. In order to minimize your political risk and maximize your freedom, it is best to have your savings in one country, your citizenship in another, and your physical self in a third country.” Continue reading

“The night she was arrested outside Club Avenue, Lohan was reportedly searching for her sister’s purse because it contained $10,000 in cash. On Monday, it was revealed that the troubled actress had all of her bank accounts seized by the IRS because she owed in excess of $200,000. And while Lohan remains in serious trouble with the state of California, given that last week charges were filed against her for lying to police the same day she was arrested on assault charges in New York City, we’re told her IRS problems could ultimately prove to be Lohan’s undoing.” Continue reading

“A legal tug-of-war with a $20 billion US hedge fund plays out in a New York case that has sent nationalist sentiment soaring in Argentina and raised concerns about the impact on future efforts to help debt-ridden countries recover. NML Capital, part of American billionaire Paul Singer’s Elliott Management, is among a handful of creditors demanding full repayment of bonds that Argentina defaulted on in 2002. In recent months, the government’s inability to settle with a handful of holdouts led by NML has resulted in one of its Navy tall ships being impounded in Ghana and an expensive court case in New York.” Continue reading

“State and federal authorities decided against indicting HSBC in a money-laundering case over concerns that criminal charges could jeopardize one of the world’s largest banks and ultimately destabilize the global financial system. Instead, HSBC announced on Tuesday that it had agreed to a record $1.92 billion settlement with authorities. The bank faces accusations that it transferred billions of dollars for nations like Iran and enabled Mexican drug cartels to move money illegally through its American subsidiaries. The case raises questions about whether certain financial institutions, having grown so large and interconnected, are too big to indict.” Continue reading

“An official document produced by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security describes photographers as potential terrorists. The ‘Roll Call Release’ of November 13 recounted several incidents in which innocent photographers were detained for using cameras in public facilities like airports and shopping malls. Those incidents were described as successes because they served ‘awareness and training purposes’ – even though they had nothing to do with capturing terrorists or deterring terrorist acts. While police are trained to treat cameras in civilian hands as lethal weapons, the government they serve keeps us under unceasing surveillance.” Continue reading