Why is your savings worthless?

If you want to know why your savings isn’t worth anything study the debt status around the globe, our fed policy is no different from the IMF. They have built up enormous debt and can not afford to pay interest on that debt. Suits have destroyed the global fiscal future.

Visit the debt clock here>>>

Source post formerly/http://thearizonasentinel.com/2015/09/29/why-is-your-savings-worthless/

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In an interview a few years ago, while running for Governor, Bruce Olsen said, "We are running out of time. I’m convinced I can work with other governors to save our Republic. I have a plan, should our country fall apart. We must be prepared. It’s important that our people become debt free. I am also hoping to change the way we title property. We must see to it that Americans actually own what they pay for. One more thing. We must learn that the individuals that our media promotes for elected office, are the ones we must run from." Bruce Olsen lives in Arizona and shares from The Arizona Sentinel. His main site went down in 2016 and this link contains some of his earlier work. You can still see some of his more recent work via Constitutional Liberty Coalition.

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