Flyer to Stop SB 483 (OK)


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SB 483 update

Hat Tip to Kaye Beach (@axxiom) and OK-Safe and their entire team for keeping people alert and informed on this matter.  Please visit their websites to stay up to date on this and other important legislation currently facing our states and our nation!  Please link up with us on twitter for real time updates on these efforts!

Oklahoma is leading the nation on sovereignty matters (or trying to thanks to great representatives like Charles Key @ckey and great senators like Randy Brogdon @randybrogdon on twitter.   You are encouraged to anticipate some of the same types of bills and techniques being used all over the country to eliminate freedom in our land.   And we asure you #CLCs will be there too!

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves as we work together to

Restore the Republic!

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