Opinion: Won’t It Be Great When The Republicans Run Oklahoma?

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  Won’t it be great when the Republicans take over Oklahoma?  You know… the ones who call themselves ‘conservatives’, ‘small-government’, liberty-minded’, ‘constitutionalist’?
​  When they finally do take over:

  1. Taxes will go down and government will shrink!
  2. We will regain lost liberties and the nanny state will quit trying to manage our lives!
  3. The civil liberties and private property of the presumed innocent will not be threatened in the name of a drug war.
  4. Cops won’t build fake cell towers and lure our cell phones into sharing our private phone calls.
  5. We will take personal responsibility for what we swallow and inhale.
  6. Our children won’t be forced to have unidentified chemicals injected into their little bodies, under the guise of innoculations. 
  7. Our children will get a better education than we had (when the Democrats ran the state).
  8. The jails will cost us less money.
  9. We won’t kowtow to federal mandates to overhaul our drivers licenses, control our speed limits, and blood-alcohol levels.
  10. We’ll quit running state-owned businesses which compete directly with private sector enterprises.
  11. And the state will focus upon constitutionally-mandates duties, leaving other matters to local government, or to the people.

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