Sports Mascots Under Attack

Sports Mascots SP Picture
  Perhaps nowhere are politically correct mandates met with more opposition than in the arena of sports. Whether it's a professional franchise, a college alma mater, or the local high school; the language police are insisting that there is racism, bigotry, worse yet, INSENSITIVITY! But sometimes their protestations reveal more about their own prejudices than about the hearts and passions of the players on the teams.  This point becomes clear when we understand that a mascot is a sense of pride which the team identifies with. If a team calls themselves 'Patriots' it means that they identify patriotism as something to be respected. If a team calls themselves 'Warriors' then they see a positive aspect in having a fighting spirit. But when a naysayer complains that it demeans the Scandinavians when we identify a team by the name 'Vikings', then perhaps the naysayer is the one holding a dim view of Vikings? Take a look at this list of teams who have recently been under attack by the PC police for their sports mascots:
Apaches Athenians Aztecs Black Indians Black Yankees Blackhawks Blue Hose Bowmen Braves Britons Brown Indians and Brown Squaws Celtics Celts Chickasaws Chiefs Chieftains Chippewas Choctaws Colonials Continentals Crusaders Cubans Dutchmen
Fighting Illini Fighting Irish Fighting Maroons Fighting Scots Fighting Whites Flying Dutchmen Gaels Golden Gaels Green Raiders Highlanders Hillbillies Hurons Indians Indians and Otahkians Johnnies Moccasins Mohawks Mohicans Mountaineers Norse Orange Orangemen Plainsmen Quakers
Ragin' Cajuns Rebels Red Raiders Redmen Redmen and Lady Reds Redskins Samurai Savages Saxons Scots Seminoles Seris Spartans Swedes Tartars Tomahawks Tribe Trojans Utes Vandals Vikings Warriors Winterhawks
  The idiocy extends to prejudice within the PC crowd when you consider that a 'Warrior' is not an ethnicity. Neither is a 'Chief', Rebel, Bowman, Mountaineer, Highlander, Tribe, or Green Raider. A Patriot, Colonial, or Pilgrim could be identified in any civilized continent. It's time we call on our local schools and colleges to pay no attention to the nonsense! The Washington Bullets were told that their team name represented crime and lawlessness. Sadly, they dropped the wrong word. They should have remained 'The Bullets' and dropped their association with Washington DC.

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