Eddie Huff Signs Off KFAQ Radio


  This morning, Eddie Huff announced his completion of service as a cohost on the Pat Campbell Show on Tulsa’s Conservative Talk Radio flagship. He presented a very gracious and amicable announcement on social media.  Eddie was the principal substitute for Pat whenever he was away.

Eddie has recently a national radio fillin on the Todd Schnitt Show. His career resume’ is as unique as his political message sometimes reveals. Born on a military base in West Germany, he grew up far away from the social unrest of America in the 60s & 70s. He became a missionary and Christian evangelism specialist. 

  In recent years Eddie has been a fixture in Tulsa’s business community. His insurance company has been the focus of the past several years.


  To all of my Tulsa friends and KFAQ fans, I wanted you to hear from me before the rumor mill began running wild. First of all, yes it IS true today was my last day as a regular on the Pat Campbell show.
  Back in 2010 when Pat first invited me on and then Brian Gann offered me a noon show, I said, “Lord as long as you want me here I will stay. When you no longer want me here I am ready to go.” I have actually been tempted many time over these 6 years to quit, BUT did not get that release. Today that release came.
As the saying goes, “If God closes one door He opens another.” For now I will enjoy sleeping in, and focusing on some ministry that I have been working on for some time, as well as my insurance agency.
  I do want to thank Pat Campbell and KFAQ for welcoming me and giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas for the past 6 years. I ask you to continue to support Pat and his show. He is a great and kind man, despite his persona and it has been my extreme pleasure to argue with him over theses 6 years. He is a TRUE friend.
  I will still be active on FaceBook, twitter and my blog: www.newblackthought.blogspot.com .
Blessing and grace to all!

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