Conservative Leaders Backing Medical Marijuana Petition

With just hours to go before the constitutional deadline, many Conservative leaders and grassroots groups are coming out to support the medical marijuana petition.
The state question became necessary when legislative leaders failed to act to allow medical science the opportunity to utilize prescription options for children suffering devastating seizures. Iraqi war veterans came forward to present evidence that some cannabis products were effective in their own treatment. 22 American veterans commit suicide every day. PTSD is largely evident in their mental health challenges. VA hospitals typically put these suffering veterans on waiting lists and then dope them up on medications with serious side effects and great discomfort.
​Ronda Vuillemont-Smith of the Tulsa 912 Project is one such political leader who is taking a public stand for medical reforms like medical marijuana. She said:
 "If anyone is interested in signing these petitions please let me know and I will put you in contact with someone associated with the petitions.

There are 2 petitions, both are for state ballot questions - 1 is for the legalization of medicinal marijuana (no THC) to help alleviate seizures and pain without getting "high" and the 2nd is to change the laws to allow up to one year for citizens to secure signatures on ballot initiatives.

Both deserve to at least have a vote by the people. I signed both petitions and I encourage you to do the same."

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