Are Political Parties Just ‘Respectable’ Gangs?


 Crips & Bloods:   The American voters have lost their independence. They largely identify more with their party than with their state, occupation, or sometimes even their faith.
  This becomes glaringly obvious when crimes are committed by those in office. Their party will go to war in their defense regardless of the severity of the harm or the number of victims.
  Our founding fathers designed a system which no longer works for removing chief executives or supreme court justices in our federal government. The mindset of “My party; right, or wrong!”; demonstrates that we are willing to prop up tyrants so long as they promote a public policy objective which we favor.
  Is that selfish? ABSOLUTELY!
  And I’m not just talking about the “godless Democrats” either! I’m convinced that a Republican president would be propped up by a significant portion of his party, if they felt he could get 3 prolife justices on the Supreme Court.


No, this is not an election map. It is a chart of gang strongholds in South Central Los Angeles.

Political parties can do a lot of good, when the party base remembers that honor and virtue are more important than the hope of that government handout.
  Class warfare has made selfishness acceptable, in politics. And I’m pointing at both parties when I say this. Democrats are saying; “The rich need to pay their fair share!”. And the Republicans are saying; “It’s time that those who are riding in the wagon got out and started helping push the wagon!”.
  This battle started in earnest during the 1980s. It resulted in both sides getting most of what they want by straddling the unborn with the price of our current affluence. What we have now is a congress who won’t stop. They are not our leaders anymore. They lost the moral authority to the title “Honorable”.
  No, the people need to force a constitutional amendment to mandate a real balanced budget.  Don’t ever expect the congress to ever do it.
The major political parties now have forced state and federal governments to pay many of the party bills. We force taxpayers to foot the bill for all our party primaries. this used to be done through the caucus system. Louisiana finally decided not to give in to this graft. They hold one primary with all candidates from all parties. Then the top two advance to the general election (if needed). Oklahoma never had a presidential preference primary until 1988. That’s when the Democrats hatched a scheme to create a southern ‘Super Tuesday’, to get a southern Democrat nominated.
  Republican grassroots groups hate the presidential preference primary because the result is usually a more heavily-funded moderate from the “tall building” sector of the party.
  Even our state election board is stacked. the judges who oversee the election process are not even real judges. They are party appointments. But only the two largest parties get to appoint a judge.  So much for justice for any minor party getting a fair election?

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