Tulsa County Commissioners Come Under Scrutiny


The Tulsa County Commission bypasses competitive bidding on bond issuance and contracts, regularly.
​A careful study of campaign contributions might show a connection...

 When Tulsa News Anchor, Karen Keith ran for the Tulsa County Commission, she pledged to break up the "good 'ol boy" way of doing things. But that was a long, long, long, time ago.

  This morning we received a breaking news tip that, yet again, she and the other two fellas (Ron Peters & John Smaligo), just bypassed the mandated competitive bid process, YET AGAIN!!!
The Tulsa County Handbook specifically warns of statutory mandates and the legal requirements of due diligence.

  SoonerPolitics received a news tip about commission efforts to steer county business to one entity, without any bidding process. the tip indicated that the Oklahoma Attorney General may be getting involved..
"... will keep you posted if it turns into something. There is a  theory  that there are fees. Those fees are collected by a person. That one person then gives campaign contributions to the person who approves the bonds."
Blogger, Michael Bates, exposed this abuse 11 years ago, but it didn't stop.
This story is developing....

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