Smashing their anti-constitution rhetoric

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Here’s one I’m sure you’ve heard as often as I have:

“The 2nd Amendment only allows the National Guard to keep and bear arms”

Good grief.

This is totally, completely, 100% wrong.

Sadly, this kind of constitution-twisting happens every single day. They take a word, or a phrase, and use it completely out of context. Liberals have been attacking the 2nd Amendment this way for a long time.

But they’re not alone.

Neocons, who are really just descendants of Trotskyites, do the same thing with the 4th Amendment.

They want you to believe that unlimited, warrantless surveillance of everything is legal and constitutional. They say the 4th doesn’t see this as “unreasonable,” and doesn’t even require a warrant.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Well, they do.

Want to know the real history behind the idea of “unreasonable searches” in the 4th Amendment? Read this short article from Mike Maharrey to understand what the Founders were trying to do:

Do you like this kind of research? It’s something we do almost every day here at Tenth Amendment Center. We work to educate people on the Founders’ Constitution, not the twisted version of the liberals and neocons. We also work to teach people how to reject, resist and nullify unconstitutional acts.

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