9 Charts That Democrats Don’t Talk About

These are the numbers you didn't want to face. When you see the real status of our propped up economy, it seems we may need some strong medicine and rather stern rehabilitation, to get back to Reagan-esque economic health. Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) produces graphic charts of what would overwise be glazey-eyed mountains of numbers which most of us would not fully appreciate. Social media is now disseminating a montage of 9 very telling charts, representing the health and robust-ness(is that a word?), of our US economy. ​In the 2 charts below, we see the Tulsa & OKC basic economic health.  

Tulsa's economic numbers show a massively painful impact of the 2009 Great Recession. Click for more info.

Historically, OKC has had more radical swings than Tulsa. Especially in the early 90s. Click for more info.

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