State & Local Officials In Weather Emergency Response

  Last night, Gov. Mary Fallin declared a winter weather emergency. Ice is now accumulating in the central and northern regions of the state. The following counties are now responding to their own specific public safety dangers:
  Oklahoma City metro is now dealing with freezing rain threats. Road crews are doing their best to treat specific dangers on arterial streets.  News 9 has full coverage on their website.  Tulsa appears to be spared, so far. Only rain is expected, but Early Saturday morning could be dangerous, especially on neighborhood streets, where city road crews do not treat the surfaces.
  The crisis will pass quickly, though. The southern front will eventually push the temps above freezing for most of the state by noon on saturday.
​  This is where voters truly get to see the fitness of elected officials in their communities, county, as well as the state as a whole.

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