Facing expulsion vote, Kirby resigns (for real, this time) [UPDATED]

State Rep. Dan Kirby (R-Tulsa) has released a statement saying that he will resign from office, just a few days in advance of an expected vote to expel him from the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
"I cannot, in good conscience, continue to fight against unfounded accusations and what I believe to be unreasonable committee recommendations when the end result will ultimately be that the people of House District 75 will not have a voice at the State Capitol for the next two years. The committee has ensured that this would have been a lose-lose situation for me and my district."
Legislative leadership had said that a vote to expel Kirby would be taken before any legislation would be considered. The legislative session begins Monday, so any action would happen then (after the Governor's 'State of the State') or Tuesday. Continue Reading

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