Shocking moments behind the scenes during the Trump-Clinton campaign.

My new book GAME OF THORNS will be released on Tuesday and it is a hoot. This is the story of the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If you’ve followed this election on YouTube and the mainstream media, you are definitely going to want to read this book and get it straight.


Clinton had plans for dealing with enemies

It takes you on-board the Hillary Clinton campaign jet, where they are popping the corks of Champagne bottles to celebrate their impending victory. It takes you to the despair at Trump Tower, were rumors spread that Donald Trump is going to start his own television network after he loses. Sean Hannity will be the host. You’ve got to read what they were saying in the Green Room at Fox News.

The book goes into detail about the Clinton IRS hit squads that were to come. Read how the Catholic Church will be co-opted, its doctrines liberated by a Clinton campaign to create a “Catholic Spring.” Learn about the plans for the future of the military chaplaincy.

One of my sources actually prepared a videotape in case he would become the target of assassination. The story of this tape and parts of the testimony broke on Drudge last night. It was published in the Daily Mail, you can read it here. But you will have to pre-order your book to read most of it.

The book give you the inside story of how President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton tried to reason with the Hillary Clinton campaign and how they refused the advise. This story broke in the Daily Caller and raised some eyebrows but no denials from the Obama or Clinton camp.

Read how political enemies were pushing a fake news story about Melania Trump.

Read how the Clinton’s and the Bushes colluded together and then broke apart and betrayed each other.


At first they helped each other out but eventually it broke apart.

Get the actual facts and evidence on how the media planned events and stories, working together with the Clinton campaign. And how deep their bias ran.

Be amazed at the arrogance of Clinton celebs who use profanity and sacrilegious language to try to persuade the undecided Catholics in the Rust Belt and evangelical Christians in the Southern States and the Florida panhandle to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Wonder at the Clinton campaign logic at the gathering of the rich and famous Clinton surrogates who meet on November 4, 2016, days before the election, to create a video urging America to get out and vote. Referring to Trump as “garbage” and comparing him to Hitler, they sang, “J*sus f_cking Chr*st / Holy f_cking sh*t / you’ve got to vote.”

“If this video motivates one person,” the actress Rachel Bloom said afterward, “especially in a swing state, to just get out there, then it will have been worth it. I just personally didn’t want to say I did nothing. I wanted to say I tried.”

Yes, she certainly did.

Hillary proudly embraced her celebrities onstage, that last weekend. They all wept in bewilderment when she lost.

And enjoy the stories of election night that can never be shown on YouTube. Inside Hillary’s suite at the Peninsula hotel, where shouts could be heard and glass shattered. I have five sources for that scene.

Hillary outspent the Donald, 5-3 in campaign funds, 6-1 in PAC money, including the largest funded PAC in American history. All the major banks and corporations backed her. Clinton paid staff outnumbered Trump’s 5-1.

Their ground games were incomparable. She had 960,000 volunteers on the ground his had evaporated after the Access Hollywood tape, like snow on a sunny day. Her digital team was led by the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. Trump asked his son-in-law to come up with something.


240 newspapers endorsed her candidacy. 19 backed Trump. The very day of the election, the  New York Times gave her 91% odds to win.

She was destined for greatness. She would be immortal. She would be compared to Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, and yet she would have more power than any of them ever had. She would instantly transcend other modern female leaders, such as Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel, because she would be running the world’s greatest superpower.

“Will you fire FBI Director James Comey?” she was asked repeatedly by staffers and donors, some only days before the election. She hadn’t decided, she would tell them. Comey would have to wait in suspense.

It is a great story, perhaps the greatest story of our lifetime. It is the GAME OF THORNS.

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