Discussing Marriage and Government Control on the Mike Slater Show

I recently appeared on the Mike Slater Show on 769 KFMB in San Diego to talk about an Alabama bill that would nullify both sides of the contentious marriage debate by simply doing away with marriage licenses altogether.

I opened up the interview by explaining how SB20 would eliminate marriage licenses in Alabama. Instead of getting a license –  government permission – before getting married, people would simply file their marriage with the state once its complete.

“You decide you want to get married; you do your marriage how you want to do it. You go to the church. You get your Internet preacher – however you want to do it. You get married. You basically sign a contract, and you file that with the state, and it records the marriage. Much like if you buy a house. You don’t have to get a license to buy a house. You just record the deed once the house transaction is complete.”

Slater and I went on to discuss the importance of political decentralization and the absurdity of having politicians in Washington D.C. define marriage.

“Whenever you start using government power to accomplish A, B or C, you have to remember that you’re giving the government that same power to accomplish D,E and F, that you may hate. So we’re a lot better off just not giving the government that power in the first place.”

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