How to Stop Warrantless NSA Spying: Discussion on the Kate Dalley Show

On March 14, I appeared on the Kate Dalley Show to talk about warrantless NSA spying and what states can do about it.

I opened the interview explaining how the state of Utah could simply end all cooperation with unconstitutional surveillance and turn off the water to the NSA facility in Bluffdale. This led to a wide-ranging discussion about surveillance, privacy and how state and local action can put a dent in the federal spy-state.

“By-and-large, we have bipartisan agreement that the federal government should be able to spy on you. We do get bipartisanship sometimes…You can call your congressman if you want to, but I’d really rather you call your state representative or your state senator and say, ‘Hey, we need you guys to rein in surveillance, both at the sate and local level, and by refusing cooperation with these agencies as long as they’re going to insist on doing these things outside of the scope of the Constitution.'”

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