Tenther Tuesday Episode 13: Nullification Movement News

As many state legislatures near the end of their 2017 sessions, we’re starting to see bills head to governors’ desks. In this episode, Mike Maharrey and Michael Boldin talk about a smorgasbord of bills moving forward covering a wide range of issues including healthcare, surveillance, Common Core and asset forfeiture. They also touch on efforts to implement REAL ID in Minnesota.



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Kentucky direct primary care signed by governor. Sent to the governor’s desk in W.Va, and Montana.

Tenther Tuesday Episode 12: Expanding Health Freedom in the States

New Mexico Electronic Communications Privacy Act sent to the governor.

Montana data protection act

Bill to end Common Core passes West Virginia Senate.

REAL ID bill fails in Minnesota.

Arizona Action Alert: Help Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture, Support HB2477

Tennessee Hearing Highlights Typical Law Enforcement Opposition to Asset Forfeiture Reform

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