UWS Radio Marathon September 15, 2010

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On September 15th, 2010 we will have our next worldwide Radio-Marathon Show run by RevolutionBroadcasting again with magnificent guests from all over the world!

Guests, hosts and callers worldwide will discuss all the current issues with the developing tyranny, global enslavement, build-up of police state and fascism not only in the US but all over the world!

Tommorow’s international lineup includes: Karen Kolland, Werner Altnickel, Urs Hans, Charlie Farrier, Steve Jolly, Rick Margetts, Rama, Michael Badnarik, Adrian Salbuchi, Hal Anthony, Joyce Reilly, Cindy Sheehan, Karen Tostado, Sam Attero, Dr. Marylin Joyce, Schaeffer Cox, Charles Erwin and more…

The call in number for RevolutionBroadcasting is 1-505-715-6522 so tune in and join in the conversation.

Last month was great! On August 15th, 2010 we had a worldwide Radio-Marathon Show on with magnificent guests from the US and Europe.

Guests: Sheriff Mack, Schaeffer Cox, Joe Bannister, Rick Adams, Jack McLamb, Mike Rivero, Charles Erwin, Larry Becraft, Bev Harris, Max Igan, Luke Rudowski, Jane Burgermeister and many others made the all day radio marathon a great hit.

Our numbers are growing! Strike!

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