U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his obsession with unconstitutional marijuana prohibition is a glaring reminder of the fact that we either demand restoration of our Ninth & Tenth Amendment authority, rights, and responsibilities no matter reconstructions’ adulteration, or finally dismantle the facade we use to hide our true governance; bureaucratic socialism.

Since the Republican coup of the 1850s and 60s, the U.S. Constitution as originally intended has been abandoned. Though inculcation demands the so-called Civil War left America’s laws unscathed, after passing through tumultuous waters, radicalism insured a reconstruction setting a foundation for the bureaucratic rulers we deal with at all levels of federal government today.

Conservation of our current Constitution as interpreted through a post-Civil War nationalist lens does not help us rein in our ‘rulers,’ regulators, and political minions. Both political factions (i.e. Republicans and Democrats) enjoy selective support through their twisted constitutional cabal while shredding their oath each minute they ‘serve’ the people. Establishment conservatives are as corrupted as progressives. Both embrace, nurture, and rely on the bureaucracy so critical for their success, so detrimental to ours, with firm socialist, not federalist, roots.

A true conservative, in my humble view, cares little about conserving our corrupted Constitution and everything about restoring American federalism – a strict division between state and federal power enshrined in the original Constitution. No better foundation can be used during restoration than the Ninth and Tenth, not as amendments but as keystones.

Too many people in America are choosing bureaucratic socialism over liberty. As it continues, it will become more and more tumultuous based on everything we’re seeing – including the ludicrous war on what plants we can and cannot use in our backyards.

But there are hopeful signs. Emotions are raw and there is increasing support for abandoning bureaucratic rule. A growing number of people are feeling the impact of growing oppression, realizing both factions are not warring but cooperating in conserving oppression.

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