This is Why the 10th Amendment Exists

Under the 10th Amendment, you’ll almost certainly find states that do things you disagree with.

That’s the point.

In a large country with a wide range of political, economic & religious viewpoints, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that “works.”

Federalism gives people a choice. What’s right for people in California might not be right for people in Alabama. What’s right for people in Vermont might not be right for people in Texas. And so on.

When the people of each state make their own choices on the most difficult and divisive issues of the day, the system of the Founders creates a more peaceful society.


Because when you try to force your view on the entire country, you’re guaranteed to meet up with a lot more resistance.

We recommend that people stop trying to force their way of life on others in the first place, but the 10th Amendment helps reduce the damage that’s caused this kind of hubris.

The founders knew it.

We know it. And we’ll continue to push for this path forward till the day we die.

I hope you’ll join us.

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