Tenther Tuesday Episode 29: Nullify Obamacare, Support Sound Money and Protect the 4th

Today is the 418th day that the GOP has failed to repeal Obamacare, but one state has taken a bold step to push back against the government healthcare plan. The state of Idaho has authorized insurance companies to sell plans that don’t comply with the ACA. But it looks like the feds may try to stop the challenge. In this episode of Tenther Tuesday, Michael Boldin and Michael Maharrey talk about it. They also cover bills moving forward to encourage the use of sound money, to challenge the Big Brother surveillance state, and more.



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Idaho Challenges Obamacare

Florida Direct Primary Care

Alabama Gold and Silver Tax Repeal Signed into Law

Wyoming Legal Tender

Kansas Gold and Silver Tax Repeal Passes Committee

Michigan Fourth Amendment Protection Act

Missouri Fourth Amendment Protection Act

Utah Raw Milk

New Hampshire Jury Nullification

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