Tenther Tuesday Episode 36: The Power of Localism

Today is the 502nd day that the GOP has failed to repeal Obamacare. It has also failed to rein in the surveillance state, failed to end the unconstitutional war on drugs, failed to stop unconstitutional meddling in education, and failed to stop depreciating our money. But we continue to see successful efforts to end all of these things at the state and local level. In this episode of Tenther Tuesday, Michael Boldin and Michael Maharrey talk about how the federal government is expanding the surveillance state, and how privacy localism can help stop it. They also report on a number of other state bills that have passed in recent weeks relating to sound money, hemp and marijuana legalization, common core and asset forfeiture.



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Feds Funding Transportation Surveillance

Privacy Localism

California Local Surveillance Approval

Alabama Gold Taxes

Illinois Hemp

New York Common Core

Colorado Forfeiture Reporting Expansion

California Marijuana Taxes


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