The Struggle for American Independence: The First Continental Congress

In this episode, I cover the First Continental Congress – a convention of delegates from the colonies to determine a concerted response to the Intolerable Acts. Two basic political factions developed in the Congress, which thwarted the type of radical opposition to the Intolerable Acts that Massachusetts desired. However, the Congress did implement the Continental Association, the most strict boycott agreement among the colonies so far, as well as a Declaration of Resolves and a petition to the king. Most importantly, the proceedings revealed that the British attempt to isolate Massachusetts from the other colonies had backfired in a profound way.


Recommended Readings

The Fairfax Resolves (Virginia)

The Suffolk Resolves (Massachusetts)

-Joseph Warren, The Solemn League and Covenant

-Mercy Otis Warren, The Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution

-Murray Rothbard, Conceived in Liberty

-Dave Benner, Compact of the Republic: The League of States and the Constitution (Chapter 2)

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