R3publicans: Pulling Their Clearances Is Only the Start – It’s Time to Stamp out Elite Privilege

Help, I’m being oppressed! My freedom of speech was been utterly stripped from me because when I retired from the Army those fascist monsters took away my TOP SECRET security clearance. See, a security clearance is a special privilege I should be entitled to exploit for as long as I want to because… well, shut up peasant, that’s why. I learned this in my Con Law class, right after we studied the Constitution’s text enumerating the rights to abortion, wedding cake baking servitude, and to be called by the bizarre pronoun of your – I mean “xir” – choice. read more at https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2018/08/20/pulling-their-clearances-is-only-the-start--its-time-to-stamp-out-elite-privilege-n2511233 summary via R3publicans

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