R3publicans: The Speech that got President Trump Elected

When I went to the voting booth on 8 Nov 2016 I considered writing in Rand Paul as a protest vote because I didn’t believe Donald Trump would be any different than most other presidents. However, I knew for sure I didn’t want Hillary in as president, so I reluctantly voted for Trump. Boy I was wrong in that Trump is actually doing what he promised, “Draining the Swamp”.

Here is a speech that I didn’t know about until after the election. If you haven’t watched it I strongly recommend watching it, or like me watching it again. Economically America will need to go through some pain since the deck is already stacked by the big bankers. But I would much rather have DJT in charge than HRC.

Also here is a link to a previous video I posted called “Q – The Plan To Save The World“.

It explains a lot of what Trump and the “White Hats” are up against.

Click on the headline link to view video via OKGrassroots

summary via R3publicans (Mathers Musings)

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