Where in the Constitution Does It Say…

We are living through a perpetual constitutional crisis. The heavy restrictions placed on the federal government by the United States Constitution have been largely ignored. We have experienced both small and incremental steps in the power and growth of the federal government (federal agencies, bureaucracies and regulations) as well as large and unprecedented leaps (the Alien and Sedition Acts, the internment of Japanese, The Patriot Act, and NSA spying).

In this episode of the Truth Quest Podcast, I hope to influence the way you look at the federal government going forward – through the eyes of the founding fathers. And I encourage you to use the question, “Where in the Constitution?” as a method of persuasion when dealing with limited government skeptics. Where in the Constitution is the Department of Education? The FDA? The Labor Department? The TSA? Obamacare? Social Security? On and on the list goes.

Show Notes:

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