GiN Meeting NEXT Monday Jan. 10: Taking Action During the Legislative Session

If you’re interested in having an impact on the legislative session that begins today, please plan on attending our meeting next Monday in Lincoln.

When: Monday, January 10

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: See RSVP form below


  • Brief overview of GiN’s activities in recent months

  • Presentation on issues likely to arise this session, GiN’s priorities, and intended actions
  • Plans and opportunities for those interested in becoming involved
  • Discussion regarding City of Lincoln issues and upcoming election for Mayor

If you have not visited our website in a while, you can get a preview of some issues that are likely to come up by browsing some of our previous articles.

It would be helpful if a few people would stow a few folding chairs in their cars just in case the number in attendance exceeds the number of chairs available at the meeting location.


A GiN member has graciously offered to let us use his office space for our monthly meetings – it is a nice open space with good lines of site and adequate room should average attendance numbers grow over time. Out of appreciation of this kindness, we ask that you respect the one request made; please abstain from bringing caffeinated beverages or soda or using tobacco on the premises.

Since this message is being posted on our public website, I believe it is not prudent to broadcast the meeting location here. If you are interested in attending the meeting, please take a moment to fill out the brief form below and the location with a link to a map will be emailed to you shortly thereafter.


Note that members of GiN’s email list will be receiving a more detailed message regarding the meeting, including the location information, so it’s not necessary to fill out the form. If you have changed your email address within the last few months, I recommend you fill out the form.

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