The Last Doughboy: A Tribute to Corporal Frank Buckles (1901-2011)

“David, you have a duty to live. I have a duty to live. There are so many people we need to outlive.”

-Corporal Frank Buckles

February 1, 1901 – February 27, 2011

Corporal Frank Buckles died after completing all of his duties to his country at 110 years and 26 days.  I had the distinct privilege to become part of this wonderful American soldier’s life after he called me up one July morning in 2007. The call went something like this:

David: Good morning! This is David Hall. How may I help you?

Frank: Hello, this is Frank Buckles. I’m a WWI veteran. It is a fine thing you are doing with the Liberty Bell, sir. I-

David: (interrupting) Thank you.

Frank: I would like to stand with you. Well, I need to go. Thank you for what you are doing for our troops. (Click.)

I googled Frank Buckles and there he was – WWI army corporal, one of four Americans still living. I excitely went to the kitchen to tell my wife, Phyllis, the news. I had talked with an American icon.

Later that day, Phyllis received another phone call:

Susan: Hello, my name is Susan Flannigan. Did you receive a phone call from this number earlier today?

Phyllis: Yes, yes, from a Frank Buckles. He talked with my husband.

Susan: I’m Frank’s daughter. Did he promise you anything?

And so began a friendship that has endured to bless our lives.

Frank had a duty to live.

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Published on: Mar 10, 2011 @ 2:58
Frank Buckles will be laid to Rest in Arlington Memorial with full military honors on March 15, 2011

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