First Evidence Dump Showing Obama’s Alias and the Owners of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Video: The Plot Thickens: Debt Collector; Obama’s Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants (archived link) also tied to an Alias Harrison J Bounel. The debt collector also claims Obama has used two other Social Security numbers in Illinois. This interview covers several issues ranging from O’s SS# to his property tax filings in Chicago to 50+ different addresses tied to Obama and Michelle across the country. The interview aired on TruNews Radio 5/18/2011.

Search records and pertinent links embedded below video…

First Evidence Dump Showing Obama’s Alias and the Owners of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.

The information (attachment here) that I am about to share is what I pulled the very first day when I discovered that Barack H Obama has an alias “Bounel Harrison J / Harrison J Bounel that is using the current SSN that he has. My initial discovery was by pure accident as I was “Skip Tracing a debtor who just happened to live in Chicago. I could not get a current phone number and address for this individual so I began to back-track her addresses and low-and-behold, Barack Obama’s name showed up as neighbor to this individual back in the 90’s.

When I clicked on his name and the address of 5046 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60615, this is what I pulled. All the information is factual as I have had this information verified by a second individual who has been a PI for 20 years and I also did reverse searches with my specialized software and database searches.

Q: Why is a Obama contributor and a Chicago sitting Circuit Court Judge listed as an owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.?

Is that illegal?

Q: Why is a partner at the accounting firm that did the Obama’s taxes listed as an owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.?

Is that illegal?

Q: Why does 5046 AS Greenwood Ave. have two different PIN #s.

As per Cook County Recorder of Deeds (CCRD):

PIN# 20-11-115-037-0000 does not exist, yet exists with the Treasurer’s Office and exists at the Assessor’s.

PIN# 20-11-115-027-0000 as per the CCRD belongs to a vacant lot on Hyde Park and as per the Treasurer’s Office and the Assessors Offices it belongs to the (Rear Apt) at 5046 S Greenwood Ave. –Source.

Evidence Dump #2 – A “No Hit” on SSN 042-68-4425 and a second Property Search for 5046 S Greenwood Ave. [pertinent search records embedded below]

Earlier last week I completed yet a third pull of Barack H Obama’s supposed SSN 042-68-4425 and yet again I get the same results. I had to triple-check my findings again just to make sure I was correct. All results were “No Hits” telling me again that the SSN number either does not exist, or it has been scrubbed. Now, I want to make perfectly clear that all of my information is gathered by accessing public records only, so the information on every database that I have access to is up to date.

I also completed a “Collectability Score Result Search” which when used tells me how easily I will be able to collect a debt from the individual entered into the database search. I used Barack Obama again for a second time the other day. Again the result came back with a 257/637 with 637 being the highest probability of collection and 257 being a mid range probability. The Yellow Code and the low probability score is indicative of the individual being searched as a medium risk due to a lack of “Address Stability”. The print-out also came back with the result showing again that the Obama’s are not home owners and own no property with no property records being returned. Again the databases do not and cannot lie.

It also needs to be noted that The Northern Trust, Trust # 10209 is the owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave and not the Obama’s. With that being said, could any person come to the conclusion that if the Obama’s are not the actual owners of 5046 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60615 then should not the Trust which is a “Non Living Entity” be paying the $3,187.61 per day cost for the security of the residence and not the American People? Furthermore, if that is the case then should not the Obama’s be reimbursing someone? -snip- Source:
Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Also Tied To An Alias Harrison J Bounel

Additional information on the fraudulent birth certificate:

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