Midnight in the White House: How we got screwed on the health care plan

By Doug Wead

Even while a Sunday Rasmussen poll showed that the American people opposed Obama and the Democrats Health Care Plan by a 54-41 majority, the national news media trumpeted its passage with glowing language.

USA Today made the effort sound Quixotic referring to the “Democrats’ improbable and history-making push for near-universal medical coverage.”

While conventional wisdom holds that the White House always reserves bad news for Sunday, when it is too late for the morning newspapers and old news by Monday, an Associated Press report in the Washington Post turned that on its heel claiming that it was the president’s work ethic that made it happen in that famous black hole news hour.  “There was no hour too late for the president to embrace this moment,” their gushing coverage explained, describing midnight in the White House when Obama and Biden “strode into the ornate East Room.”

Oh, what courage, what verve!  Working till midnight for the people.

The bill is expected to cost $1 trillion.

The San Francisco Chronicle seemed to suggest that the 54% who oppose the bill are racist and homophobic.  “Before the final debate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco locked arms with her Democratic lieutenants, including civil rights veteran John Lewis, D-Ga., to enter the Capitol through a phalanx of angry protesters. It was an emphatic show of solidarity after several ugly incidents on Saturday when demonstrators hurled racial slurs at several African American members of Congress and anti-gay insults at Rep. Barney Frank, the gay Massachusetts Democrat.”  Oh my.

The most hilarious coverage came from AOL, Yahoo, Google News and other online sources who ignored the views of the 13 point opposition spread.  Hmmm.  Maybe Newsmax and Fox TV is leaving some money on the table.  Maybe a less leftist search engine would be a money maker.  Just as the imbalance in the national television media gave birth to the Fox News Channel.

One hopes that the media continues to ignore the majority in their audience, and moves blissfully along with the notion that if there are enough words to the contrary they will change their views by November.  Such arrogance helped elect Ronald Reagan whom the media had dubbed a racist and warmonger.  The American people didn’t buy it.

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