Jenna Bush’s first wedding anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the wedding between Henry Hager and America’s sweetheart, Jenna Bush.  And we wish them both a happy anniversary. What follows is a You Tube video retrospective.

I am always getting letters asking what happened to the other “White House brides” those children who married during their father’s time in office?   What kind of marriages and life follows such high profile weddings?  You can find all the details at White House weddings but here is a quick summary.

There were twenty three weddings of presidential children, involving twenty two children (Elliott Roosevelt married twice during his father’s term,) and they actually turned out like the rest of us.  Thirteen of those marriages worked, or at least they stayed together, and the other ten ended in divorce.  Six of the brides are still living, two of them divorced.

A video retrospective tour of the Jenna Bush wedding, one year after.

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MSNBC: The wedding and the rain?

A Fox summary: The morning after.

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