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Mary Jane Ontiveroz: She made the cake for Jenna Bush

There is a knockout new website for wedding planning formerly/ called  They have everything you need, a one stop marketplace of ideas, resources and wedding favors (formerly/  And this weekend they are revisiting the Jenna Bush wedding, which took place exactly one year ago, May 10.

One of the features is a story I have researched and written about Mary Jane Ontiveroz, owner of Ultimate Wedding Cake a popular San Antonio Wedding Cake company who made the Jenna Bush wedding cake.  Mary Jane just may be the most talented cake maker in the United States.  People drool over her creations.  In fact, Jenna was at another wedding when she tasted one of Mary Jane’s masterpieces and was instantly sold.  She had to have the cake maker for herself.

The story of the rise of this remarkable lady, which begins in her teens in Denver, is an American success story, with all the ups and downs and tears and triumphs that go with the territory.  You will love the story but I warn you, it will be interrupted by visits to the refrigerator.  This woman not only knows how to bake something delicious, she knows how to describe it too.

So visit this hot new site… and get an inside look at the planning of the biggest American social event of the last decade.

Meanwhile, here is a wonderful YouTube journey of that wedding last year.  It was only the twenty third wedding of a presidential child to take place while the father was in office.  A great moment for the history books.  By the way, you can read more about the history of these events at White Houses Weddings, including how a murder marred the first such event.

A video summary of the Jenna Bush wedding, one year after.

CBS NEWS: Why Jenna Bush chose Crawford

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Fox News Channel – Was Jenna Bush the most beautiful WH bride?

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