Youth to Youth Concerts

Just back from a speaking gig in Kazan and St. Petersburg, Russia and trying to catch up.

In my absence, I am amazed at the work of Youth to Youth Concerts.  This organization gathers talented American musicians from across the country and holds concerts to raise awareness for needy youth around the globe. Award winning youth like Nicholas, Stephen and Daniel Tavani, Phillip Munck, Samantha Kline and Catlin and Emily Beare.

It is really a great idea.  Instead of retreating into an isolated, one-way tunnel, myopically and selfishly advancing their respective musical careers, these young people are able to gain new experiences from performance and at the same time help others.

The concerts also serve as fundraisers for needy causes and have the added benefit of inspiring youth in need to use their own talents, regardless of their circumstances.

Make no mistake; these are not your average musicians.  These students have won national awards and are enrolled in the best schools and have some of the most renowned teachers.  These concerts are almost unbelievable, like a room full of little Mozarts and Bachs running around.  It is quite a show.  And they have guest “stars” stop by, like concert pianist, Martin Berkofsky.

If you are ever near a Youth to Youth Concert, do yourself a favor and attend.  If you happen to have a talent in your family, get them plugged in, it doesn’t hurt for these young people to network and learn from each other.


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