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This article is part of a continuing series about candidates for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Ben Nelson. Our first look at each candidate includes some general information and links to databases about campaign finances, voting records, and some news reports.

Prior articles:

This article is about Don Stenberg, who was elected State Treasurer in November 2010.

Note that some items listed do not have links available.

Prior elective offices:

Nebraska Attorney General 1991 – 2003

Case of note: US Supreme Court case Stenberg v. Carhart

Prior government positions:

Legal Counsel to the Governor (Gov. Charles Thone)

Director of the Governor’s Policy Research Office

Assistant to the Governor

Director of the Department of Administrative Services

Board Appointments:

Nebraska Board of Pardons – Member

Canvassing Board of the State of Nebraska – Member

Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice – Chair

Prior campaigns (lost):

2006 U.S. Senate

2000 U.S. Senate

1996 U.S. Senate

1978 Lt. Governor

Follow the Money

Treasurer’s Race 2010: Candidate Summary

Project Vote Smart

As Nebraska’s Treasurer

Summary Page

Interest Group Rating

Campaign Finances

Federal Election Commission Records

Current and former campaigns:

Summary page

Statements of Candidacy

Current Senate Campaign:

Stenberg for Senate 2012 Committee Summary

2012 Committee Filings to date

Candidate’s Website:

Stenberg for Senate formerly/ website


Stenberg’s website for his Treasurer campaign has been removed and all links point to the Senate campaign website (

Some news articles:

Fourth time the charm in Nebraska Senate race?

Stenberg to enter Senate race in March

(2000) Eastern Counties Lose Nebraska Senate Race for Don Stenberg

Sources of information used:

About State Treasurer Don Stenberg” page on the Official Nebraska State Treasurer’s website


Project Vote Smart Biographical Information

Our Campaigns

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