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Laurette Lynn is a speaker, blogger and host of Unplugged Mom Radio/podcast – the web-based show for the home educator, outside-the-box thinker and advocate of challenging the status quo!  Through her show and website, Laurette vehemently encourages parents to “Unplug” from compulsory schooling and embrace life-without school by taking responsibility of their children’s learning through home education.  There is a steady rise in the home education movement and it is because more and more parents are realizing that the public school system is just not providing a beneficial social or academic, learning or living experience for their children.  More and more parents are opting out of this system and choosing a path that fits their family values, beliefs and personal dynamic in this eclectic world!
Beyond providing information, through her show, website and classes, Laurette helps parents transition from compulsory school to home-based learning and provides guidance for parents who choose to avoid school from the beginning.   “We’re not sure where to turn or how to make learning happen – because we have been so conditioned to believe that the government should do it for us that we forgot that this is just a natural extension of parenting.  We give up our kids at tender ages of 4 or 5 years old, hand them over to the government system for nearly two of the most crucial decades of their lives, and then complain when the schools mess them up.  It’s insanity, when you think about it, it simply does not make any natural sense.” Says Laurette.  And Luckily she is out there helping parents ‘unplug’ from what she calls insanity and reconnect with humanity.
Upon visiting, readers will find a plethora of relevant articles providing important information, a rich resource section filled with education and learning resources, the podcast archives where one can listen at their leisure to any of Laurette’s dynamic and lively shows where she interviews a high-profile line-up of popular advocates and voices in education and  learning, living and parenting outside-the-box.
Laurette says:
I am convinced that the modern forced schooling system has almost completely robbed society of some of the qualities of basic humanity including critical thought, creative intelligence, and overall wellness of being. Through my work, I support and advocate for the practice of natural organic learning through home-based independent learning; rather than manufactured and institutionalized, forced schooling. I’ve coined the term “unplugged education” because essentially true learning is what happens naturally when we ‘unplug’ from the compulsory standards that mainstream culture has placed nefariously upon us.

Through our established government institutions and mainstream systems we have been unwittingly “plugged into” an artificial paradigm whereby every facet of our lives, from birth till death, has been manufactured to exacting predetermined specifications.  Organic learning, fundamental logic and reasoning, true inner spirituality and self-exploration are the enemy of these institutions, and have all but disappeared from modern society.  Those who do not thoughtlessly submit to dogmatic prejudices, and that would instead institute for themselves and their children any of the aforementioned characteristics, are rejected with violent opposition by the masses; forced to live what is now deemed an “alternative lifestyle” – while the prepackaged existence we have mindlessly adopted is considered “desirable.”

The good news is that with the home education movement now reaching 2 Million + families in America, it’s clear that  parents are beginning to alter their perspective and make conscious choices instead of acting compulsively.   Thanks to audacious voices such as Laurette Lynn who help parents make this transition, we are indeed beginning to see a positive shift in the paradigm.
A passionate and outspoken activist for the transformation of public education, Laurette realizes that it is a tremendous and complex infrastructure that will involve a great deal of political and bureaucratic hard work and can potentially take years before we see the results we are striving for.   Our youth does not have time to wait until the system gets fixed – and this is why Laurette says that she strongly encourages parents to rethink what they assume about learning, life and growth and reconsider their choices in education, and she provides the support parents need to do just that!  In Laurette’s words,  “The fantasy is to see school completely decentralized and learning put back into the hands of the individual family and community.  Learning Centers should be independent, funded and run by the families who use them – and should never ever be compulsory.   We should be able to utilize community learning centers like we utilize libraries and recreation centers now.  This can and will happen when more families wake up and refuse to herd their children off to systematized strangers – and more passionate teachers channel their efforts into these independent projects rather than into tail-chasing, self-defeating union bureaucracy.”

Right now, Laurette is also offering a 10 part seminar specifically to help parents and families pull-away from compulsory schooling and learn to enjoy life and learning without school.   The comprehensive seminar addresses the most common concerns for new home educating parents including, socialization, academics, college, family pressure and more.    If we want to see change in this nation, it has to begin at the beginning – and that is in our youth.  We must stop allowing them to be indoctrinated.



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