Republican Straw Poll at Oklahoma State Fair Ends on Friday — will Ron Paul win? It is up to You!

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The Republican Straw Poll at the Oklahoma State Fair has tapered off for Perry. His supporters showed up on the first two days to vote in mass. This is why he was getting about 90% of the vote those two days. It is now a mishmash of confused voters at the Republican Booth at the State Fair. But those votes are still in the box for Perry and he is in the lead. If you do not want to see Ron Paul win in Oklahoma then just don’t show up to vote. The only way that he can lose is if you do not show up to vote. We have Dr. Paul working every day pressing his message home and it is gaining traction. If we as citizens do not do our part and vote he will loose. Perry will win and get the headlines.

The Texas Republican Party has canceled the Straw Poll there because they do not want to face the truth. Ron Paul has the votes to win the nominee as the front runner. The Texas Republican’s story for not holding they’re Straw Pole is lack of interest. Unbelievable!!

We can pull this off but only if YOU VOTE AT THE STATE FAIR.

Winning this straw pole is critical.


It is up to you. Bring friends and spread the word. The Fair ends Friday.

contact: Hugh Smith and/or find him at The Modern Living Building.
cell: 405 819 1008
Hugh will try to have people direct folks to the building with Ron Paul T-Shirts on.

Information in this post provided by Hugh Smith for Oklahoma Ron Paul Volunteers for Liberty (on facebook here)

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Oklahoma R3publicans  Oklahoma Grassroots

a comment on Daily Paul with a little more info about location:
Submitted by 4luvofliberty formerly on Tue, 09/20/2011 – 00:07

I was just told that there is going to be a straw poll at the Oklahoma State Fair tomorrow in the Modern Living Building. Enter building from the SW doors and look for the Republican Booth to the left. Starts are 10am and closes at 10 pm.

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