Arizona Sheriffs tell holder, bud its time for you to go!. This federal government proves every day that it is incompetent and corrupt.


Across the street from the state capitol is a park where the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial rests. The memorial lists the names of all the officers who have been killed in the line of duty in Arizona. The name added to the memorial most recently was that of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was shot and killed last December by gang members who preyed on illegal immigrants crossing the border. This morning, County Sheriffs from all over Arizona gathered at the memorial for a dramatic news conference where they announced their demand for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate U.S. Attorney Eric Holder and the Department of Justice for their roles in “Operation Fast & Furious.”

An article on Worldnetdaily this morning explains the latest revelations in the unfolding scandal indicating that Eric Holder may have known about the operation long before the date he previously stated during his Congressional testimony, indicating that he may have lied under oath:

The news that Holder could have lied has outraged our Arizona Sheriffs, who put their lives on the line daily protecting us from criminals. In light of Holder’s possible perjury, the Sheriffs believe that Holder should not be the one investigating Operation Fast & Furious. Four of the five Legislative District 5 Sheriffs signed on to the call for a Special Counsel. They are:

Sheriff Joseph Dedman, Apache County

Sheriff P.J. Allred, Graham County

Sheriff Steven Tucker, Greenlee County

Sheriff K.C. Clark, Navajo County

Sheriff Tucker was the only one of the supportive District 5 Sheriffs who was able to attend today. Before the news conference began, he told my staff, “I stand in support of the call for the investigation.” A number of Sheriffs spoke at the dramatic news conference. Here are some of their comments.

Sheriff Paul Babeu: “142 crime scenes in Mexico have been linked to guns involved in Fast & Furious …. Mexico is justly outraged.” He called on President Obama to apologize to Mexico.

“I do not believe the Attorney General (Holder) can properly investigate [this matter] …. This is a threat not just in Mexico but throughout the southwest …. Where is the honor of our country when a brother officer is murdered and then we find out months later that it was from our own government?”

Sheriff Steve Waugh, Yavapai County: “Any reasonable person would know that if you give weapons to a violent person, he’s gonna use them.”

Sheriff Tom Sheahan, Mohave County: “Arizona Sheriffs have a unique challenge … We’ve been betrayed by our government, and we need answers.”

“We need to honor the memory of Agent Terry. We’re gonna do this by getting to the bottom of this .… we find out who is exactly behind it, who knew, and what they knew.”

Sheriff Donald Lowery, La Paz County Sheriff: “It’s a dishonor for law enforcement … We need an independent, unbiased investigation …. “[In my county] we are stopping vehicles with high powered weapons, and we can’t afford to buy matching weapons.”

Sheriff K.C. Clark, Navajo County [prepared statement read by Sheriff Babeau]:

“I’m outraged that our own federal government has betrayed local law enforcement by arming violent foreign criminals and it now appears evident that Attorney General Holder may have lied under oath.”

Sheriff Larry Dever, Cochise County: “Who really is responsible for helping to arm the people we are fighting every day on the border? And then when the answer comes up that it’s our own government … that our own government is complicit … that really is offensive. Whoever made the decision needs to be held accountable. We’re asking, who got these guns? Agent Terry died and others will die.”

“We’re in a fight for our country, our constitution, and our very lives. It’s up to you, the American public, to carry the message.”

Sheriff Paul Babeu, Pinal County: “There is a sense of betrayal. We were never informed. To be treated to to this measure of disrespect and betrayal is unconscionable. We want the truth. We want answers.”

“How can we not look at our government as accomplices?”

“Most of these weapons are still unaccounted for. There was no tracking. To allow these weapons to ‘walk’ with the full knowledge they were going to the cartels … is reprehensible. There was no surveillance. There was no tracking. These are lies that have been told to the American people. BATF did not even tell their brother agents in Mexico.”

“This doesn’t smell right.”

“This is a much larger scandal than Watergate.”

“Eric Holder needs to resign or he needs to be fired …. “The question [he was asked in the hearing] was very clear. The fact that he knew before the murder of Agent Terry should haunt him.” “Everybody needs to come forward and tell the truth.”

“This is one of the highest betrayals.”

“To arm foreign – not even domestic but foreign – criminals is a huge problem for us …. Simple clues are pointing to Eric Holder .. that he knew more than he let on.”

“Every time there’s a shooting on American soil, the question shouldn’t be, ‘My God, is this one of the guns …?’”

“Mexico is our Number 1 trading partner and our neighbor. We armed the very enemy of our neighbor and our ally.”

“Their lame excuse was false.” [He was referring here to the government saying that they were tracking the guns as part of some supposed plan to fight the cartels.]

“Hillary Clinton – what role did she play? Did she sign off on this? This is a huge diplomatic catastrophe for our country.”

Sheriff Steve Tucker, Greenlee County: “If it happened under his watch, he’s responsible.”

Reporter: “Should Holder resign?”

Sheriff Steve Tucker, Greenlee County: “If he’s responsible, yes.”

Reporter: “Is the fact that the Obama administration is not apologizing a clue that they’re hiding something?”

Sheriff Paul Babeu, Pinal County: “It’s a sign that there’s so much information out there that they don’t have a handle on it.”

Sheriff Babeau is asking the public to call their Congressmen and request the appointment of a Special Counsel to take over the investigation of “Operation Fast & Furious” and to include Eric Holder in the investigation. We want “maximum disclosure with minimum delay,” said Sheriff Babeau. Here is how to contact Congressman, Paul Gosar:


211 North Florence St., Suite 3
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
520-836-5289 (Casa Grande office)

1515 East Cedar Ave. #A6
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

240 South Montezuma Street #101
Prescott, AZ 86303

504 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515

You can email Representative Gosar by going to his website:

Sylvia Allen

Senator Sylvia Allen

President Pro Tempore


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