Liberty Lecture – ‘Marketing the Message 101′ — Workshop with Sandra Crosnoe

photoTulsa R3's - Ron Paul Revolution 2012

OK... all 400+ R3 Meetup members, the cause of Liberty is HEATING UP this week with activities at our Tulsa Liberty HQ, newly named for Ron Paul's and our ongoing cause. (This is a marathon not just a sprint!)  Be sure to bring your liberty-minded friends too – we must spread the message!

We are very honored and excited to welcome Ms. Sandra Crosnoe to our HQ this Thursday (Flag Day) for an important overview of liberty social networking platforms, plus discussion of ways we can help each other in marketing our message.  Sandie is a veteran in the liberty movement with much wisdom to share and is the 2007 founder of the R3 network (re-energizing and reigniting the Republican Party, and through it, restoring the Republic) and she will be offering ways that everyone can help expand our audience.

She will guide us in a time of strategy and discussion and have an introduction to two specific projects in progress:
1) OKGrassroots -- County Precinct Maps which are being loaded and
2) County Pages that are being created!    (Access to area info. is key to organizing!)
http://okgrassroots.c... (see top tab - General - then County Maps) 
She will talk specifically about Tulsa and counties represented at the meeting!
- OKGrassroots core principles and operating philosophy.

Sandra Crosnoe a Brief Bio:

  • 1952 - Sandra Crosnoe was born in Texas.  At age of two she contracted polio, providing life-long lessons in overcoming challenges and trusting the Lord,
  • BS degree in Microbiology from Texas Tech,
  • A successful career with Arco Chemical / Oil and Gas,
  • MBA with an emphasis in Finance,
  • Introduced to politics at an early age by parents who were both involved and informed,
  • Actively involved in the Reagan Revolution in the 70′s, during which she first met Ron Paul as he was running for Congress,
  • While a Texan, she served as precinct chair in Garland (Dallas County) and as a founding board member for Associated Conservatives of Texas (ACT),
  • Beginning in the late 90′s, Sandra has provided support and promotion of the traveling Liberty Bell and Ten Commandments, honoring fallen soldiers,
  • 2005 relocated to Oklahoma, Sandra began working to find and develop Oklahoma conservative networks, and has been serving as a Precinct Chair in Washington County,
  • 2007 - Sandra became Oklahoma Grassroots co-chair, along with Brady Wright, for Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign,
  • R3publicans was born and Sandra was involved at the start of the 2009 Tea Party movement,
  • Through networking efforts the Constitutional Liberty Coalition, dedicated to locating grassroots efforts in multiple states and networking them together, was founded.

As you can see, Sandie has been busy for Liberty!  Here you will find a more Detailed Bio.
Her online PowerPoint presentation: http://scrosnoe.wordp...


Tulsa, OK 74105 - USA

Thursday, June 14 at 7:00 PM

Attending: 6


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