How the Federal Government took over the Flood Insurance Business

If you could develop a market for a product, then develop the product, and then force hundreds of thousands of people into buying the product, WOW, what a concept! Of course, in the private sector, that isn’t the way it works.

But if you were the all-powerful Federal Government, why not?

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To answer the call to serve as a watchmen on the wall, I have been a grassroots activist for a long time almost fifty years now (and yes I started young!). Philosophically I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover and a co-founder of R3publicans in 2008. I currently live in Oklahoma and serve as Communications Director for OKGrassroots and Constitutional Liberty Coalition but I cut my teeth on politics with Associated Conservatives of Texas and the Traveling Liberty Bell. Thank you for all you do for life and liberty too! Finding Gems & Sharing Them R3publicans OKGrassroots Constitutional Liberty Coalition

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