Common Core and the Loss of Local Control of Education — Research by Gary Kilpatrick

common_core_is_not_ok_round_stickers-r2b9cf696bdbc4702ada55d47839c13ab_v9waf_8byvr_210This document is the work of Gary Kilpatrick a friend of OKGrassroots who lives in Washington County Oklahoma. He has given his permission to share the document online. It is all about Common Core and was originally released in installments via email.

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Here is the summation for a quick ‘bottom line’:

It is absolutely imperative that we all understand the underlying worldview upon which Common Core is based if we are going to successfully resist its flowery descriptions of the education utopia it envisions.

To that end we must commit ourselves to inculcate within our educational processes, to the maximum extent possible within the limitations imposed by the unconstitutional interpretations of the First Amendment by the Supreme Court, a value system consonant with the principles upon which our nation was conceived and upon which our nation has been blessed for over 200 years. We must assure that through effective and efficient skills training combined with the Biblically-based values and principles of our founding fathers, our students will leave school not only college ready or work ready, depending on their own desires, but will also be prepared to be contributing citizens in a constitutional republic. Without such education our constitutional republic is destined for destruction.

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