2013 Annual Membership Drive Begins

Janice Cookston
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Today marks the beginning of our third annual membership drive.  The bulk of the work we do is policy work that benefits us all: there is no customer and there is no fee.  So the only revenue we receive, the revenue we need to fund our operations comes from our members.  We need and appreciate your support.

And every donation helps. We grew our ranks in 2012 and look forward to growing more in 2013.  As a result of your donations, our organization has managed to be at the forefront of several key liberty issues over the past year.

If you are already a member, are you able to increase your level of support for 2013?  If you’re not yet a member, hit the formerly via wetexans.com button to begin to provide financial support to the work we do.

It is your voice and support that makes us a force in Austin.

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