Jay Leno’s at the Top of his Game, so Why Is NBC Replacing Him?

“The irony is that Leno has never been more dominant: the Nielsen ratings for the second week in July have him beating CBS’s David Letterman by a 43 percent margin in the all-important ‘viewers 18 to 49′ category (on which advertising rates are set) and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel by 75 percent. So why sack him now? ‘I don’t get it,’ says Ohlmeyer, who as president of NBC’s West Coast operations in the mid-1990s helped guide Leno to victory over Letterman. ‘It’s like nobody understands history. Here they take him off the air four years ago, and naturally he loses his impetus, and now he’s come back, and he’s kicking ass again—so let’s take him off.’”


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